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Bangle Size Guide 

This page is here to help you choose the right fit .

To do this you will need:-




*Tape measure 

1 - To start take your tape measure , and tuck your thumb into the palm of your hand and measure the widest part ( this maybe easier with help from someone else )

2 - Double check your number 

3 - Now you have the circumference we can work out the diameter to choose the best fit for you . 

Now you have you measurement you need to divide your measurement by 3.14 .

For example if your measurement is 25 divided by 3.14 is 7.96  , which means you would fit perfectly in out BARONESS 8 cm Bangle 

Bangle Sizes 

Lady 6 cm

Dame 7 cm 

Baroness 8 cm 

Countess 9 cm 

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